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Positive reactions like this will be the fuel and motivation for you to keep doing them, even when they’re uncomfortable at first. ” and flash a big smile to the bus driver as he’s letting you off.

Making someone else feel good is contagious – it’s impossible not to feel great yourself! They’re paid to be nice to you and having you acknowledge them as a fellow human (i.e. Ask how your waiter’s day is going and then genuinely listen to his response. As his company’s name suggests, Derek is an off-the-cuff personality that gets straight the point – and he loves creating reactions in people by disrupting social norms.

Now, let’s go over some of the best places to try out those skills… BUT I do have an answer: good men are everywhere you are! Think about all the errands you run (grocery store, coffee shop, laundromat), your commute to work (bus, train, walking, parking garage, taking the elevator), grabbing food on your lunchbreak at the deli, meeting your aunt for dinner, bringing your dog to the dog park, running a 5K, taking a cooking class…. Whether they’re aware of it or not, single men (and, unfortunately, ones who aren’t happy in their current relationship) have a high tendency to constantly be looking around. I’ll watch a woman walk into a new space (lobby, room, bus, wherever) and within seconds be able to tell which men are single based on how they react.

The good, single men you want to connect with are doing these EXACT SAME THINGS! The single ones will not only be looking around, they’ll actually stare much longer – while the (happily) committed guys, even if they looked up to see who this new human in their presence is, will almost immediately go back to whatever they were doing.

I’m passionate about helping people feel less lonely isolated in our tech-obsessed world – whether it leads to making a new friend, getting a hot date, or sharing a smile with someone in passing.

That’s why while I create material with single women seeking men in mind, but most tips and techniques will get you results regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.

So his “practice on people in the service industry” means changing-up what you say. Sidenote: I bought a course from Derek’s company and he reached to me personally via Facebook to see if I had any questions!

Don’t save these skills just for people you’re attracted to. People have tendencies to think in “all-or-nothing” ways, like “I’m going to go to the gym every day for a month – or not at all!I now model the same with my readers and clients with the same personal reach-outs.Bottom line, it’s not about what you say, but just making the effort to connect and acknowledge someone.Or if you’re comfortable doing things solo, try different approaches to engage people: Start with striking up a conversation with women, then move on to doing the same with men you aren’t attracted to – maybe elderly gentlemen (which they will absolutely love).Watch people’s faces light up when you give them a compliment, or hold the door open for them.

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